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Moving Forward.
Apr 2, 10 6:34 AM
Forbidden Shadows is currently recruiting the following:
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Welcome to FoRbidden Shadows:

Our goal is for 25 player end game raiding content. Our Raid times though odd from other guilds, are 7:00 pm-10:00pm server time sat/sun/mon. Invites go out at 6:45 server time and raids are expected to begin at 7:00pm.  Calender Invites will never be sent for raids, as Ive already posted our raid times. You Need to Just Assume everything is on schedule for the posted raid times.

In order to be a successful raiding guild attendance is a must, with that being said a 83% raid attendance requirement is in place. Fall below this % and you will be replaced with someone who can meet our raiding needs.

Attendance is important yes, but intelligence and over wisdom of your class and roll in raids is much more important. We are not looking for players who are not capable of moving out of fires or simple raid mechanics. As of right now we currently have two raid leaders (Krenz and Unnforgiven) that work diligently and professionally to keep our raiding environment well organized and peaceful. However we do not have the time or patience to work with players that will not first and foremost do some work and research on their own. You as a "Serious Minded" raider are expected to do as much extensive research on all encounters that we may come across, as you possibly can. Should you enter an encounter for the first time you are expected to know the basic mechanics of the fight, after that we will create what ever strategies work best with our group setup and players. Doing your part, should make you able to adapt almost instantly during a first encounter or immediately afterwords. You will be given very few chances to prove your level of playing skill, and it is nothing personal against you if we as a guild just feel  you are not up to par with our level of gaming. All of us in Forbidden Shadows take raiding very seriously and even one slight weak link in a raid can sometimes make the difference between a successful attempt or unsuccessful attempt. We Will down the Lich King on This server and We will be one of the few who does before the next expansion.

If you  think you can meet our needs and would like to be part of FoRbidden Shadows apply within. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Unnforgiven in game during non-raiding times, or send me an email in game.
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Moving Forward.

Unnforgiven1, Apr 2, 10 6:34 AM.
Last week sparked our 3 week mark for the creation of Forbidden Shadows, as most know and some aren't well aware, we broke off from the guild "Bushido". Most of the reason being we wanted to be more serious raiders, instead of swapping players out each week to help gear up a retarded amount of people we wanted a smaller much more organized guild where its all of the same people getting geared each week.

We are currently 6/12 in ICC 25 and that was spending 2 nights each week in ICC 25, sat/sun. During the formation we were considering mondays  more of a leisure day, this was because we had to pug players outside of FS to fill our raid slots. After recruiting the last few players I have, we are currently a full raiding guild, now working towards filtering out the last few people just not up to par.

All FS members will be required to be here mondays, starting Monday April 12th.

"Special Thanks" to: All members from FS that were loyal to me and loyal to wanting to be part of something better than what we once were. I couldn't have done it all without you guys, now lets rise to the top and be the best we can, once Cata hits lets give blackout a run for their money.

"Special Thanks" to: Zorthy from Gentlemen of Leisure, for putting up with a bunch of inexperienced players and helping us with our learning curves, and mostly your sexy slime kiting on Rotface.
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